The opportunity of working part-time in the various units of our university is offered to students studying at our university. In addition to this, a scholarship for free lunch is given to the students of us whose economic situations are not good.

Treatment and medication costs are met by our university for the students who are obliged to look after their parents or themselves and if are not connected to any social security institution.


Higher education scholarships are given to the number of students determined by General directorate of higher education and hostels institution under the Law (Law No. 5102) these students are determined by the university students do not have to pay back their scholarships.


Associate, undergraduate, graduate students who are nationals of the Republic of Turkey have a priority to benefit. While determining scholarships which are given to students enrolled in associate, undergraduate and graduate programs, some certain criteria are taken into account, and an evaluation is done. Depending on general circumstances, students who will be given scholarships are determined according to the quota determined by the University Scholarships Commission. Academic achievement is taken into consideration as a priority. In case of equality in the application criteria, the University Scholarship Committee may identify students according to additional criteria.