Interagency Credit Transfer Regulations are applied to Students from Turkey’s higher education institutions wishing to transfer to Pamukkale University, when switching between master level programs, and Associate Degree and Higher Education Institutions, double Majors.


The exemption exam for Joint compulsory courses in foreign languages is done at the beginning of the fall semester on the date specified on the academic calendar.


Students who do not attend the exams will not be able to take a pardon exam. Students who do not have a preparation program at their faculty / vocational school / college must enter the Common compulsory foreign language proficiency exam. Students, who are going to apply to the exemption/pardon exam, must do so to the relevant unit, within the period specified on the academic calendar. Furthermore, students who enroll for the first time whose departments do have foreign language programs must first enter a proficiency and level assessment before the academic year classes start.


According to their score in this exam Students are placed either in, beginner, intermediate-to lower-level or intermediate level groups or become exempt from the preparation program according to their score. These score ranges are determined by the Director of colleges and higher education. Examination results will be announced on the College/ higher education, Foreign Languages website.


Those Students who have enrolled in departments / programs and who have been accepted to start compulsory preparatory education, and those who have not entered the level determination exam, will start their education at the basic beginner level.