The Turkish currency is Lira (TL).  Turkish banknotes are  5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. Turkish coins are  5, 10, 25, 50, 100.

Shopping in Denizli

Compared to most Western countries, prices are very affordable in Turkey. Including housing fees Many Turkish students spend about 200-300 euros per month. The amount of money which will be given to foreign students will not only be sufficient enough for their living expenses but also for them to explore Denizli and its surroundings.  Denizli is a lively city and the streets are full of people, even at night. Shops in the city center are open all week. Shopping malls, department stores, grocery stores and supermarkets are open until 10 o'clock at night. Some restaurants and cafes are open until midnight.  ATMs are quite common in the town center and around the campus. Most of them have foreign language options and are easy to use.

Telephone Calls

In addition to those in the post office, pay phones can be found in each academic unit. Phone cards can be purchased from post offices and stationary shops. To make international calls, you must first dial 00 before the country code.  Turkey has three mobile phone operators Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea.

Visa Requirements (for Foreign Students)

Before arriving in Turkey Students must obtain a student visa in their own countries from the Turkish Consulate. Student visas can not be obtained after entering Turkey and a tourist visa is not valid. Students must apply for a visa at least two months before the start of term.

Documents required for visa application:

· Passport (valid for at least 1 year)

· Completed visa application form from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate

· Passport  photo · A student certificate from the host university

· A letter of acceptance from the University of Pamukkale

· The non refundable application fee paid. 

Visa rules may change frequently, students are advised to contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their own countries, to get updated information about  necessary documents.   

Residence Permit (for Foreign Students)

The maximum period of stay in Turkey with a visa is 3 months. After 3 months a residence permit must obtained.  All foreign students, must apply to the Denizli Police Department foreigners Branch (Denizli Emniyet Müdürlüğü Yabancılar Şubesi), to obtain a residence permit, within 1 month after entry into Turkey.  Students will receive a residence permit for the duration of their studies at Pamukkale University.   Students should carry this document with them at all times.

Required documents: student certificate, 5 passport photos, photocopy of your passport with a valid student visa and residence permit fees. Application forms can be acquired at (Denizli Yabancılar Şube Müdürlüğü) the Denizli Directorate of Foreigners Branch.

Tel: +90 258 265 14 25


Mediterranean climate prevails in the province of Denizli. Summers are hot and dry and winters are cold and rainy. The months of July and August the hottest and the coldest months are January-February.  Annual rainfall is different according to regions. In summer the temperature is +30 ° C to +45 ° C, while winters vary between -5° C to +15 ° C.

Local Transportation

Public transport within the city is by buses, minibuses and taxis. Residents can easily reach every point of the city by public transport.

Electrical and Electronic appliances

Electricity in Turkey is the conventional 220 volts and the European system is used. Electrical sockets are two pin.

National and Religious Holidays

October 29th : Republic Day

January 1st : New Year's Eve

April 23rd  : National Sovereignty and Children's Day

May 19th : Youth and Sports Day

August 30th : Victory Day


Ιnternational Relations Office

Address: Pamukkale University, Kınıklı Campus 20070 Denizli, Turkey


Faks: +90 258 296 23 43




International Student Office

Address: Pamukkale University, Kınıklı Campus 20070 Denizli, Turkey


Faks  : +90–258–296 23 32 




Emergency Numbers in Denizli

-Emergency: 112

-Fire Brigade: 110

-Police: 155

-Gendarmerie: 156

-Forest Fire: 177

Travel Agents in Denizli

-Pamukkale +90 (258) 242 40 01

-Ulusoy +90 (258) 371 66 24

-Metro +90 (258) 263 38 28

-Kamil Koç +90 (258) 371 81 48

 Airline Companies for traveling Inside and Outside of the country

-Turkish Airlines

+90 212 444 0 849

-Atlantic Airlines

+90 212 663 20 00

-Onur Airlines

+90 232 274 19 39

-Pegasus Airlines

+90 850 250 0 737