Registration procedures at the University of Pamukkale, begin on the date set by the University Senate for each academic year based on (ÖSYM)  Measurement Placement Center’s Guide and registration schedule. The academic calendar consists of fall and spring semesters and summer semesters. Education and training are organized on the basis of two semesters, these including fall and spring.


 Students, who are eligible to study at the University of Pamukkale, must prepare the necessary documents for registration and register between the dates announced each year. All kinds of registration and Input process are conducted in collaboration with Pamukkale University’s Student Affairs Department and Head of Department of academic units.


Students, who have gained the right for final registration at Pamukkale University, are informed about the registration process, on the university web page published under "student registration guide. Students must prepare the necessary documents for registration and must come to Pamukkale University Student Affairs admissions office in person, after paying the cost of contribution to learning / tuition fees, into the relevant bank account within the dates Announced in September. 


Pamukkale University, student’s who have properly registered and enrolled, are required to renew their registrations at the beginning of each semester in accordance with regulations, by making their course selections, between the dates indicated on Pamukkale University’s Education calendar. For course selection and registration renewal students must first pay the tuition fees at Bank’s, into the specified account by giving their student ID. numbers, before logging in with their own passwords to the Student Information System.