Our university gives an adequate and well-balanced lunch service to our students and working staff and It provides their requirements of daily energy, protein, vitamins and minerals and consists of four kinds. Meals are prepared under the supervision of expert personnel food engineers taking into account calories and nutritional values which students need according to the season. Lunch service is between 11:30 and 13:30 and Lunch menus are published on our website weekly.


In addition to this, at Honaz Vocational School, Buldan Vocational School, Bekilli Vocational School, Çal Vocational School, launch services are given, dinner costs are 0.65 euro for a meal.


Furthermore, there are canteen-cafes in the university campus and schools to meet the needs of students. In addition to these, there are fried dishes, grilled dishes, kinds of pita bread and hot and cold beverages in the guest house restaurant,  served between 08:30 and 23:00.


In the Kınıklı Campus and student dormitories, there two shopping centers within walking distance. At these centers, there are  supermarket,  shop, gift shop,  bookstore,  bakery, stationery,  barber,  cafe and restaurant, and  cinema.

 At  the dormitories in the Kınıklı Campus, breakfast and dinner service are provided to students residing in the dormitories.


In addition to these, there are many restaurants offering a variety of dining options and serving until late at night within walking distance of the Kınıklı Campus and other schools. Food orders can be given by telephone.