Established in 1992, Pamukkale University is a rapidly developing young institution with its students and staff. The basic values on which our university is based are "reason" and "science". Our aim is to raise individuals who are free-thinking, self-confident, working for the good of their country and humanity, and able to improve themselves, away from all kinds of dogma and stereotyped ideas. All our infrastructure and superstructure investments are planned for this purpose. It is aimed to be one of the leading universities in our country in terms of vocational education programs, foreign language training, R&D areas and social opportunities. The education quality, project capacity and international cooperation agreements of our departments are increasing day by day. Erasmus and Socrates programs are active in most of our departments. Apart from EU programs, our university has many cooperation agreements with universities in different countries. Pamukkale University's vision is to learn where there is science in the world, to work with where there is a great scholar, to solve anything that is unknown, to dissipate where there is darkness.