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Geological Engineering was established in 1994 at Kınıklı Campus. Although has a short history, the department developed itself in terms of the number of faculty members and laboratory facilities and became one of the important departments in our country. 18 faculty members, 6 research assistants, 3 specialists, one administrative and three technical staff have been working in the department. Various, local, national and international projects completed and some of them are still being carried out, detailed information about projects can be found on the personal web pages.


Geological Engineering encompasses the professional engineering applications of geology to mineral resources research and exploration, surface and underground engineering construction problems, groundwater and geothermal energy development and related problems. Geological Engineering requires the integration of geological science and engineering principles and methods, beyond the concepts of geology as a science, for the recognition, analysis is and solution of various engineering problems which require professional and specialized geological investigations.

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 Prof. Dr. HALİL KUMSAR+90 258 296 3366
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