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Although it was among the departments in structure of Science-Literature faculty with founding ofunivesity in 1992, it began to function as Archeology and Art history Department in December 1997. It was separated as Art History Department by Interuniversity Committee in 8 may 2002. It took its first licence students in 2003-2004 education term and it gave its first graduate students in 2007. It has been going its functions in the programmes of licence, high- licence and also doctorate since 2009. There are still seven education members, one education-lecturer doctor, one researcher doctor and three researchers in our department.


Anatolia, which was the centre of the important civilization in almost every period of the history, is the richest region of the world with its historical and cultural wealth that has been inherited by those civilizations. Before all else, this significant potential should be evaluated by our people, and it has to be contributed to science world and cultural politics of our country in a contemporary way. The program aims to educate qualified member in order to fulfill this. Furthermore, it is aimed to be excavated, researched, documented and made archives of the important settlement areas which had been founded in Anatolia settlement areas which had been founded in Anatolia since Rome Period that belong to the Middle Ages and afterwards.

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