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Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets Master Degree Programme was established on April 2012.With the help of this programme, our cultural values will determinate on an interdisciplinary view and also conservation problems will specify and providing of the solutions on the problems, specialist are going to educate on these aim.


Our country has a great number of mobile and immobile cultural assets which date back as long as prehistoric times. Since most of them are immobile, they are exhibited where they exist. These historical artifacts and monuments are exposed to distortion within time in their places where they are exhibited. Likewise, it is necessary that works found in excavations must be preserved. Therefore, all these must be preserved and restored in accordance with their original forms. Competent experts are required in order to carry out the most appropriate scientific treatment on them. The objectives of the Programme of Preserving and Repairing of Cultural Assets include : Evaluation of current situation of the deterioration, analyzing of the works, determining the best keeping and preserving conditions, developing and providing the most ideal equipment in compliance with the original structure of the work and universal ethics, preparing feasible preservation projects.

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