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Science Education Department under Elementary Education within the Faculty of Education was established to educate science teachers in 1997. Science education subdepartment had its first graduates in 2001 and since then this program has gruduated an average of 100 teachers who are serving in different regions in Turkey. Curriculum of Science Education Department consists of 174 hours, including 132 hours of teoric and 42 hours of practicum. The program consists of eight semesters and lasts four years. It is required to pass all the courses with a minumum 2.30 GPA to graduate from the program. The language of instruction of Science Education subdepartment is Turkish.


The primary goal of the Department of Elementary Science Education is to train teachers who have positive attitudes toward teaching and have necessary professional skills for their fields. Teachers who graduated from this department are expected to represent a true role model for their students in terms of their personal and professional life, to follow innovations in their fields to maintain professional development and have effective communication skills. The program also aims to develop teachers who will produce and use information with technology and who are creative and capable of finding solutions to national and universal issues. The aim of education activities of this program is to educate students as devoted teachers, who are scientifically oriented, keen on conducting research, continuously improving themselves, and equipping individuals with scientific awareness. The purposes of scientific studies in this program are to follow the innovations in the field of Science Education, to search for solutions to problems and to increase the quality of education.

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