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After 1997, the HEC - MEGP ( National Education Development Project) carried out a new arrangement in the department of position before Art Business Education Departments and Music Education Departments , including academic staff, students , classrooms , and two that differ from each other in terms of class application methods when a department was created by combining departments The department is trained visual and auditory arts educators in the academic sense . Information about the science department that has been attached to the pages of the relevant branches and subsections .


Fine Arts Education Department 's purpose is capable of topics in different fields of art and culture and the arts and visual arts is to train qualified people. Besides a solid general knowledge and knowledge of the candidates will pass on their knowledge and experience educators have knowledge in this area is intended . So he understands the art of the candidates are expected to teach and develop an attitude that can be discussed . Front for the lack of independent artists as well as students are welcome.

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 Prof. Dr. EFE AKBULUT+90 258 296 1311
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