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such as agriculture, medicine, industry, industry, energy, food, education and research. The primary and primary objective of the Organic Agriculture Management graduate program is to provide students with a specific background in the field of Organic Agriculture with original scientific research skills. In this way, the deficiencies of the number of expert scientists that our country needs to reach the level of other developed countries are eliminated. The aim of this course is to educate the organic farmer who can improve the current and advanced knowledge in the fields of organic agriculture at the level of expertise with original thinking and research, bring innovation to science, develop a new scientific method or apply a scientific method to a different field, research, comprehend, design and apply an original subject. balance, to carry out organic agricultural activities, to regulate, develop, expand the organic agricultural production and marketing, to solve the problems in the ecological sciences by using the principles of organic agriculture and basic sciences, to develop solutions in different fields of ecology aims to improve people's quality of life. The main aim of the education given in organic agriculture is to contribute to national and international development of the knowledge and technology it produces. In this case, sharing and disseminating scientific knowledge and skills with demanders is the greatest responsibility of the person who has been trained in organic agriculture. Management receive a master's degree in organic agriculture. Our students who have completed the graduate programs in organic agriculture management department have academic career opportunities both in Turkey and abroad. In addition, our graduates receive a multidisciplinary education that can find job opportunities in different fields such as horticulture and field crops, soil department, irrigation department, biology and genetics, sales, consultancy, education and research, finance, product-production management, research-development, operation in public sector. , quality assurance, environmental quality and marketing as a specialist in the fields of science, researcher, projects developer, senior manager can perform the task.


The main aim of providing graduate education in Organic Agriculture Management is; Our mission is to educate qualified personnel who have the knowledge and skills to meet the expert needs of the rapidly developing Organic Agriculture Sector in the world and in our country. Small, large and medium-sized enterprises or organizations of agriculture, organic farming techniques can apply consciously, with the knowledge and skills, organic agriculture can serve personally, public and private organizations that can provide healthy services, nature and human health care to educate individuals and offer them to the benefit of society .

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 Assoc. Prof. Dr. OKTAY ERDOĞAN
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