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Chemical engineering, mathematics and science as the basis of chemistry, physics, biology and economy, using science major industrial, technological and environmental problems is the branch of engineering that resolve. People who want to study engineering infrastructure required to have a good math. Chemical engineering has a structure that requires inter-disciplinary work and mathematics, chemistry and physical sciences are not for people who are interested in a branch of engineering.


Chemical processes that can design, engineering solutions, economics, safety, quality, environmental, ethical values ??to assess the global and societal aspects, such as, problem solve, bring innovation to have the knowledge and sensitivity. Technological and industrial solutions to the problems encountered in production and life-long learning behavior, the ability to be won. Social aspects, communication skills, creativity and entrepreneurship, engineering, spirits improved, engineers are likely to work well in teams. Mathematics, science information, as well as track and field in the information required by the computer software field with the ability to use information and communication technologies

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