General Information

There are MSc and PhD programs offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering. First students were accepted in the academic year of 2002-2003. The language of the programs is Turkish. In order for candidates to be accepted into the program they are required to meet necessary criteria set out by the Natural Sciences Institute by PAU and pass the required exams. The main principle of the programs are to provide an up-to-date, practical and research oriented engineering education. Most-up-to-date information regarding the programs can be gathered through or PAU Education Information System.


In brief, the program’s teaching goals can be summarized as follows: We aim to give a sufficient and quality education and training to our students, to be able do the following when they graduate: To manage activities related to productivity and quality improvement, To design and manage industrial and/or service systems, To create solid decisions based on analytical approaches and scientific analyses, To create and manage information and production integration projects, To plan operational activities in industrial and/or service systems, To learn and understand the standards related to quality, work safety and environment and integrate them into decision making process, and To have good communication skills to share and gather knowledge on a global level.

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