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Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literature department of the language of Turkey is spread over a large area, literature, philosophy, sociology, teaching of history and culture and mutual agreement establishing communication between these areas, operating and maintaining solidarity, work to produce and to work in this field aims to train the necessary scientists was founded as a division.


Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures Department's objectives for the first goal, the students the Pacific Ocean to the Balkans, the Arctic Ocean from Tibet extending to approximately eleven million square kilometers in a wide range used in modern Turkish language of dialects, literature, culture, folklore, history, art, and their development and learning to use today. Second, students will do what they have learned with applications both in place by both the mass media practice is to create the environment to put into practice. The organization grounds of the department, the Turkish language is the language of the speakers on this broad field, literature, history, socio-cultural structures, international relations experts in the field to serve in this field by giving an understanding of academic disciplinary issues, the information queries, generating elements is to educate .

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 Prof. Dr. NERGİS BİRAY+90 258 296 3653
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