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Pamukkale University, the Department of Sociology aims to gain sociological perspective or sociological way of thinking; determine what is evident sociological interpretations of human behaviors; aims to develop and compherend thinking about insights social events for master programme. The necessary critical foundations, rsearch mrthods and techniques are prouded for the development of sociological perpective. With this viewpoint, it is aimed to gain genuine perpective about social events acesing around, in turkey and i the world. İn addition to giving basic courses, courses about diferent areas in broad range for development of students are included and this is provided cultural accumutation about these areas. The elective courses in curriculum aims to specity individual study areas for students. Graduates are able to build a career in private and public sectors like teacher, academician, sociologist at social service and public relations sectors, guidance counselor in private teaching institutions, teacher of philosophy group, journalism, public survey companies, expert in the stade statistic institude, writing in advertisement sector television etc.


The aims of program are to evaluate the sociological problems in multi-dimensional framework; to analyze both our society and other societies; to prepare research projects related to sociological problems; to learn to look from different perspective to society and cultural formations.

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 Prof. Dr. TÜRKAN ERDOĞAN+90 258 296 3685
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