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Mechatronics Engineering Department is a new department founded in the Technology Faculty of Pamukkale University in 2011. Education has been started by taking students to normal and evening programs in 2012-2013 academic year. Education language of our department is Turkish. 28 and 19 students are accepted to each program from Vocational and Technical Secondary Education (VTSE) and regular High Schools, respectively. The score intervals of the students who admitted to the programs of our department by classification of the MF-4 scores are; 271-314 for Mechatronics Engineering evening program (VTSE), 290-347 for Mechatronics Engineering normal program (VTSE), 350-401 for Mechatronics Engineering evening program and 377-421 for Mechatronics Engineering normal program. The students who admitted to normal and evening programs of our department in the Vocational and Technical Secondary Education (VTSE) are taken to the Scientific Preparation Program which is prerequisite of our department. The lack of our students in the field of Mathematics and Natural and Applied Science are eliminated with the aid of this program. As a result of this, they will be prepared for engineering education. Our students will take courses with 153 credits which correspond to 240 AKTS and they also will do compulsory practical training with 60 work days, during the license education. Besides, our students will compulsory receive workplace training in on the fall of 4th class during a semester. This workplace training will provide our students to recognize the sector they can work, and what they are supposed to do in that sector and working environment, before graduation. By means of this training, students will gain experience in professional aspects before the graduate. Information related to the undergraduate program and other information can be found on the web link


We aim as Mechatronics Engineering Department is to educate engineers who have the ability to satisfy the needs of industry that they use time, equity and labor economically, and they can technological design by using today’s technology and engineering productivity efficiently, keeping environmental facts in mind.

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DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Assoc. Prof. Dr. ERSİN DEMİR+90 258 296 3161
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Assoc. Prof. Dr. METİN SAYER+90 258 296 3226
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