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Program of Coaching Education, is one of four programs at the School of Sport Sciences and Technology. At the end of a four-year bachelor's degree program, sports trainers (coaches) are brought up in team sports and individual sports, specializing in different branches of sports. Our department started education with 20 students in the 2004-2005 education season. It had its first batch of students graduated in 2008. Students who graduate can start work at the Youth and Sports Ministry, and all units connected to it. In private sports clubs and sports federations as trainers and sports lecturers, and at Universities as PE teachers, lecturers. between the 2010 -2011 Education year our department has produced 150 students, 3 Ass. Prof, and 5 university lecturers and 2 research assistants.


Team sports or individual sports coaches specializing in different fields (sports trainers); ethics-conscious, dedicated to protecting the health and safety of the athlete, a high level of performance for the multi-disciplinary work, the branch of scientific and technological developments in the world can follow, capable of transmitting the application to interpret the results, Injuries in athletes of all ages can, performance tests, talent selection and orientation can, which can be a leader, a researcher with the property, sees as the problem areas, joint work with universities or research units, is qualified.


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