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The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department (EEED) located in the Engineering Faculty of Kinikli Campus of Pamukkale University (PAU) admits students scoring in numeric in the nationwide examination. In 2010, students having at least a 441.399 score were admitted into the normal academic program and students having at least a 409.985 score were enrolled to evening education, both of which have 65 quotas. In 2011, students who enrolled the normal academic program had a minimum score of 424.589 and students who enrolled the evening education had a minimum score of 397.411. The curriculum is spread-out over 8 semesters (4 years) except one year English language preparatory. The educational activities are performed in the fall, spring and summer semesters. In addition, twin tuition as mainstream and evening is executed in the fall and spring semesters. A total of 12 weeks of practical training during the break periods have to be completed. The students and graduates of EEED at PAU have access to internship and job opportunities in national and international companies and factories serving in the fields of electrical and electronics engineering. Some of them are telephone companies, corporations of internet services, informatics departments of banks, computer manufacturing, software development, either research and development agency or production and marketing agency of the public sector, etc. EEED has constituted of seven divisions called Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technique, Communication, Control, Electrical Institutions, Electronics, Circuits and Systems and Electrical Machines. EEED embodies seven laboratories named Computer and Simulation, Electronics, Control, Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems and Power Electronics, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Research and Development and Electrical Institutions. In addition to undergraduate education, Master of Science (MSc.) and Philosophy of Degree (PhD) programs has also been pursued in EEED.


The purpose of the EEED is to provide an advanced educational opportunity to national and international students by gaining implementation abilities of engineering designs including problem description, interpretation, design and realization. Also, another purpose of the department is motivation to life-long learning and the conscious of sharing information of students for a successful life. Ultimately, educating the students as procuring practical and innovative solutions for present and future technological needs and instructing the students in utilizing its experiences at particular fields of electrical and electronics engineering for solving engineering problems has constituted the education philosophy of our department.

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HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. ABDULLAH TAHSİN TOLA+90 258 296 3196 attola@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. ÖZGÜR ÖNDER KARAKILINÇ+90 258 296 3213 okarakilinc@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. SERDAR TEZ+90 258 296 3145 stez@pau.edu.tr
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