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After 1997, HEC-MEGP (National Education Development Project), located at the department before the new regulation, Department of Painting and Music Education Department of Education, including academic staff, students, classrooms and lecture methods of application differ from each other in two different departments in terms of created by combining branch is the branch of a department. Section, in general terms the need for primary and secondary education institutions to train the visual and aural art educators. Information is given on the branches of departments depending on department anabilimdalının.


The aim of the Department of Fine Arts Education is to educate a proficient and qualified "Visual and Auditory Art Teacher" in various fields of art and art culture issues for basic and secondary education. Besides having a solid knowledge of general culture and professional field, the candidates are also intended to have the knowledge of teaching profession to pass on their knowledge and experience in their particular field. Thus, the candidates are expected to develop an attitude that will understand the art, teach it, and discuss it at length. In addition, our students tend to be promising in being an independent artist.

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HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. EFE AKBULUT+90 258 296 1311
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