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The Department was founded in 1994 as a science branch of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The department admitted the first student in 1999-2000 academic year. Biology department is located at Kınıklı Campus, which is 10 km far from the city and the department is in the main building of the Faculty. In the Biology Department, there are 8 research laboratories, 2 student laboratories and 2 other rooms for sample storing. Department members are also able to use research facilities from Medical school. There is also one greenhouse having conditioned rooms under construction at the campus. There is not specific library in the department. Researcher and students use the Faculty’s and University’s main library. There are also 2 computer laboratories at the Faculty. Department is composed of four Major Divisions, namely Botany, General Biology, Molecular Biology and Zoology. Currently, about 400 undergraduate students and 12 graduate students are being educated at the department. Research laboratories are equipped with basic research lab equipments. In addition, the following instruments and facilities are present in the biology laboratories: High speed centrifuge, microcentrifuge, bench-top centrifuge, spectrofluorometer, single and double beam spectrophotometer, HPLC, ice machine, advanced light microscope with accessories, dissecting microscopes, balances, flow hoods, conventional incubators and baths, gradient thermocycler, deep freezers, and ultra pure water system. An experimental animal care facility is also available for researchers at the campus.


The department's aim is to prepare students for a promising future in research, and as a result, a large percentage of graduates pursue graduate studies in the country and abroad. The goal of our department is to offer research and instructional opportunities in the emerging important areas of biology while maintaining a program rooted in the basics of disciplines. The Science of Biology, which is claimed to be the Science of 21st century, is of vital importance for Turkey too, because of the necessity to establish environmental policies, prevent the biological richness, and activate sectors that use biotechnology. The department of Biological Sciences offers courses on biological principles governing the behavior of the living matter at the molecular, cellular, organismal and the populational levels. Fundamental subjects such as molecular and cellular biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, plant biology, environmental biology, animal and plant systematics are supplemented by a wide variety of elective courses to prepare students for research and teaching, and for applied work in industry, agriculture, forestry and public health. Undergraduate students are required to perform a summer practice for a period of 30 working days at the end of 3rd year. Summer training can be performed at either governmental or private organizations approved by the department. Department offers programs leading to M.S. degree in Biology.


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