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Undergraduate program was opened in 1994. The department consists of six units: New Turkish Language, Old Turkish Language, Modern Turkish Literature, Old Turkish Literature, Folklore, Modern Turkish Dialects and Literature. The University Library, library of the department, the Faculty computer labs, meeting rooms, presentation rooms, reading rooms and classrooms for daytime and evening education levels have adequate facilities.


The aim of the program daily life of the important tools of the intellectual and emotional process, and the main developer of the demonstrators that the language and literature, to them, depending on the language of Turkey and Turkish literature, the structural and functional aspects should diachronic and simultaneously as well acquainted with them to examine and research necessary to modern scientific methods and techniques related to basic equipped with information to educate people. Our academic staff: 6 Department 6 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 assistant professors 10 research assistants.

PositionName SurnamePhoneFaxE-Mail
HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA ARSLAN+90 258 296 3652 marslan@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. SALİH MEHMET ARÇIN+90 258 296 3716 sarcin@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Assoc. Prof. Dr. MEHMET SURUR ÇELEPİ+90 258 296 3594 mcelepi@pau.edu.tr
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