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The Technical Education Faculty of Pamukkale University was founded in 1992. According to the Undergraduate/Graduate Programs, Education-Training and Exam Regulations of Pamukkale University, in order to graduate from the Faculty, students have to successfully complete a minimum of 120 and a maximum of 152 credits in vocational courses, in addition to common obligatory courses. Students also have to successfully complete two obligatory work experience courses and minimum 30-day summer practice, which should match the Department’s criteria set up for university-industry collaboration. The main objective of the Faculty is to raise able technical teachers having the necessary knowledge, capacity and leadership skills to teach at vocational high schools workshops. Graduates can be employed, according to their majors, at various commercial establishments as qualified research & development, design and production specialists. Currently, the Modular Syllabus System, which is a standard for technical education faculties in Turkey, is being applied at the Faculty. This system has been settled down through the MTEM (Modernization of Vocational/Technical Education in Turkey) Project. The system has been approved and practiced since the 2004-2005 academic year. Our Faculty’s modern computer and electronics laboratories and workshops enable students to follow the latest technological trends and develop applications accordingly. Regarding these facilities and the qualified manpower, the Faculty is a suitable platform enabling development and industrialization of National and International research and development projects. The Technical Education Faculty of Pamukkale University are Education of Electrics, Electronics and Computer Education, Education of Mechanics Departments. All technical education faculties have been closed by Council of Ministers Decree No. 2009/15546 published in the Official Gazette dated 13.11.2009 and numbered 27405. Our faculty is continuing education and training activities with students enrolled in 2008 and previous years but not yet graduated.


You have completed a long a fatiguing period of study. You are all in wish of admission to a department which will prepare you in the best way for your favorite profession. Through our web page, we want to introduce you our Department, which might probably be your future department. You might send us your e-mails (to the mail address tef@pau.edu.tr) in order to get more detailed information. You can reach: • general information about our Department from the “General Information” heading; • statistics according to current employers of our Graduates from the “Graduates” heading; • details of the courses offered by our Department from the “Courses” heading; and • information about the theses, publications and projects from the “Academic Studies” heading of the menu on the left. In addition, we suggest you to visit the web page prepared by Pamukkale University Presentation Office, so that you can get brief information about our University. You can reach information about all of the programmes of study offered by our University from the web page of the Directorate of Student Affairs. Wishing to see you as a member of our Department… The MISSION of the Faculty of Technical Education of Pamukkale University is: “To raise competent technical teachers/staff who are: • donated with the necessary knowledge, capacity and leadership skills to teach at vocational high schools or to work as technical staff at commercial establishments, • eager and capable to research and take part in multidisciplinary research&development projects, • aware of the fact that being a member of “Faculty of Technical Education of Pamukkale University” is an added value in many aspects, and To prove that the necessary middle-level technical manpower of which our country is in urgent need “can” be provided through qualified, standardized, and well-equipped education.” Vision The VISION of the Faculty of Technical Education of Pamukkale University is: • “To be known and accredited for quality education, research and development, innovative and multidisciplinary studies, lifelong learning, technological leadership and commercial partnership both nationally and internationally and • To contribute to worlwide educative and technological developments.”

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