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The vision of the Faculty of Architecture and Design is to train architects, city and regional planners, and landscape architects who are equipped with theoretical knowledge and communication technologies in accordance with the necessities of our country and the region. To become a research institution accepted as a pioneer in ensuring the needs of both our country and our region, it is aimed to get into touch with local administration and urban agencies actively.


To increase consciousness of public on architecture, planning and design issues, and to help enhancing the quality of life; the mission of the Faculty is to train interdisciplinary professionals who can harmonize local identity with global values; be sensitive to contemporary, democratic, ethic values; represent the region within the international network; have scrutinizing manner while dealing with problems; produce alternative, flexible and innovative solutions by creating participator academic medium in which knowledge is produced and applied within universal standards.

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DEAN Prof. Dr. KORAY ÖZCAN+90 258 296 2558 korayozcan@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY DEAN Assoc. Prof. Dr. GÖRKEM GÜLHAN+90 258 296 2426 ggulhan@pau.edu.tr
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